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Despite his extensive background and clear level of experience in music, the artist Komie has released this solo project Afterglow out of a sheer love for the process – openly declaring the album a project made purely for the art of it. This is precisely the sort of music that we’re grateful to discover, as it makes for something truly immersive and beautiful, memorable, and not overwhelmed with a clear desire to entertain or gain your affection. It sounds and feels natural as you listen. Cirrus Flow starts things off and showcases Komie’s superb guitar playing, but more than this – it creates around you a colourful, detailed, emotional soundscape, within which you can completely forget about your concerns or difficulties for a while.

After the optimism and brightness of the opener, Driftwood changes the mood, redirects your thoughts, builds something new and emotionally reflective in a spacious, perhaps more serious manner. It feels like a moment of choosing, of definitive decision making – steps needing to be taken. It’s a stunning piece of music and the detail is just phenomenal, the whole thing appears as if it’s a short film – cinematic and powerful, complex yet careful in expressing certain moments.

Throughout the rest of the album you quickly grow to recognise the playing style and indeed the musical backdrop or building blocks that make-up the Afterglow sound. The energy varies, moments like Rush bring an air of uplifting, motivational movement. Eyes Of Innocence afterwards calms you back down and provokes thoughts of simplicity, peacefulness, childhood days. Following this, Power Surge injects a fresh dose of classic rock vibrancy into the playlist. Eclecticism exists here, but always it falls in line with that Komie approach to creativity. And knowing this was made just for the art of it makes it all the more enjoyable – you appreciate the quickness of the riffs and the playing, wishing only for a live show to make it all the more impressive.

The album’s title track is notably calm and spacious again, epic in expression, hopeful and determined. Inhumanly Possible adds a touch of rhythm and drama, feeling a little retro or nostalgic in a late eighties or early nineties sort of way. This one is a personal favourite, there’s something hypnotic about that descending guitar lick and the power of the drums. Moonstruck follows with another beautifully creative guitar part and even more thoughtful ambiance. This section of the album is perhaps the most striking, in my opinion. It really pulls you back into the moment, re-capturing your attention for the better.

As a solo project, there are certain moments that remind you of the artist behind the music. Pieces Of Me provokes this kind of consideration with its title alone, and the journey within seems complex and varied in the way that a human life tends to be. For the most part though, these tracks lay out a scene before you, offering that beautiful enhancement as the sun sets or the rain falls or your mind attempts to calm itself at the end of a long day.

Aeon Shift closes the collection with a fairly heavy level of energy and volume and intensity, it’s still uplifting, still energizing and hopeful – a little Santana-like, for me. It’s an impressive final few minutes and a strong, lasting reminder to seek out a live show as soon as possible – or to at least add this collection to your Spotify playlist, so it’s always there for you when you need it.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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