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Koinz David Blaine


The UK’s own Koinz offers a taster from his upcoming mix-tape with the hard-hitting anthem that is David Blaine. Fusing a creatively unique beat with a concept and lyrical outpouring that’s quickly recognizable, the track feels fresh among its peers and still drives with the genuine passion and crisp intensity of effective hip hop.

That backdrop is top notch, a mildly haunting piano part echoes through in the distance, meanwhile this meaty drum-line waves in and out of the mix – uniting the organic and electronic elements of the song in a fitting way considering the title and theme. There’s an air of mystery to the whole thing that links well to the underlying sentiment.

As an artist, Koinz delivers with an impressive vocal flow and a subtle yet genuine level of emotion and confidence so as to really give the performance weight. The UK vibe is strong within the style, but the track on the whole has a sense of originality about it and introduces the rapper as maybe a little more poetically thoughtful than most. Clever word-play and honesty intertwine throughout, letting you witness the realness alongside of something quirky and ultimately very memorable.

David Blaine is a big track, not overwhelming you with effects or volume – not needing to – just riding through on the strength of its own concept, the energy of that leading performance, and the sharp finish production-wise. It’s always exciting to listen to releases that showcase an artist putting a little more thought and artistry into their music, particularly in hip hop right now – since the genre has become so over-saturated with simple and notably similar releases. Koinz does his own thing but holds close to the factors that first inspired an interest in the art-form, and David Blaine speaks volumes for that approach. A quality track that we’ll likely be hearing a fair bit of over the coming weeks and months.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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