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Knotice1k Slow (Ft. Chakuda)


Big vibes for the summer, smooth and mellow but on point in both melody and topic. Knotice1k delivers the best of his bars and songwriting, alongside an equally impressive Chakuda, for the intoxicating, soulful, and perfectly-titled single Slow.

Easy production of trap rhythms and calming synths present a sort of lo-fi, jazz-kissed backdrop to a song that’s as catchy as it is lyrically enthralling. Both Knotice1k and Chakuda shake up the process here, drawing focus to the depths of smart and sharp writing in an industry that’s grown somewhat shallow in recent years.

The stories they tell here, the intelligent framing of ideas and the snappy rhythmic resolve during the hook, weave a new kind of web in modern hip hop. The single is an earworm, for sure, but there’s also an invaluable depth to it that injects a whole new dynamic. This quality, combined with the hypnotic chorus and video, helps make Slow an unmissable addition to this year’s Hip Hop and Alternative realms.

Great production, confident and old-school-style performances, a free-flowing energy that naturally ties in with the implications of the title – Slow is an anthem that inspires a sense of reflection and appreciation combined. It’s the kind of track which, if released by an artist with followers in the millions, would reach unprecedented streams and views in no time at all. In my opinion though, that’s just as possible at this stage, Knotice1k in particular proving brilliantly consistent and forever evolving as an artist.

The addictive strength, humility and groove of Slow means that fans will keep coming back to this one; myself included. Watch this space.

Find Knotice1k on IG. Find Chakuda on IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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