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Knotice1k Little Light Of Mine


Immediately inviting, uplifting and heartfelt – the brand new EP from Knotice1k washes over with a certain air of intention and depth.

How to Float acts as a dreamlike, spoken word introduction, laying bare the underlying inspirations of the project, and Drowning follows this up as the first full-length track that’s equally well sound-designed, and introduces beautifully the vocal tone and lyrical consciousness of the artist.

Smooth production and absolute clarity meet with engaging rhythms and stories that lean back and forth between the personal and the inclusive, effectively connecting on a profound level for their honesty, openness, and relatability. Knotice1k also includes a stunning level of poetry within these bars, so you’re not only captivated by the stories but impressed by the clever writing and the depth of thought.

The mellow energy continues for a piano-led, jazz-café style and introspective Nonsense. Here we get quicker vocal outpourings and a more tripped-up, experimental soundscape, but still it fits the mood, style and integrity of the artist – someone who appeals and impresses increasingly with each new track.

No Good takes a slightly different direction again, drawing on jazz tendencies all the more-so, with a freestyle, almost conversational set of bars about it.

Then we get the keys and calm, reflective and thoughtful tones of Better Or Worse, reminding us of the nineties in its simplicity and scene-setting, these retro organ sounds. Always there’s something conceptually fresh at work, or at the very least a new and interesting way of addressing familiar situations.

Injecting a hit of heavier bass and pace is a welcomed What Would You Think About Me? Perhaps the most recognisable track for its repetition and weight – an easy anthem, and a clear display of versatility from the project.

Blue Prints is an easy highlight towards the end, lyrically compelling right the way through, with a fine use of contrast between intense and lighter moments. Bullseye then follows with a return to the sleepy vocal tones from earlier, a thoughtful and poetic deep dive that again holds attention for its complexity and calm united.

This album proves an easy go-to when things get noisy, its overall title seeming like the perfect phrase to remember and recall when music is the way towards a clearer mind. Well worth more than a single listen – the first time lets the vibes and the openness calm and connect you to the process, and further streams let the true intelligence and skill of the writing keep you captivated for the long term. Brilliant.

Download or stream Little Light Of Mine here. Check out Knotice1k on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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