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KNG DAVÎD Take It Easy (Feat. Sergio Ochoa)


Stylishly dreamy production injects a creative edge into the lo-fi rhythms of the contemporary scene, and meanwhile we get a blissfully delicate, soulful vocal lead of RnB tendencies, guiding us through a nostalgic and memorable long-form melody – Take It Easy sets the mood in an instant.

Taking equal inspiration from the likes of creative trip hop producers as much so as Craig David and the meandering RnB-pop vocalists of a simpler era, Sergio Ochoa and KNG DAVÎD collaborate to strong results throughout this new single.

The arrangement is quite sublime, familiar yet not – mellow and colourful, but made up of artistic twists and traits that are less easy to pinpoint. These are the calling cards of KNG DAVÎD, unpredictable elements interwoven with broadly effective, ambient layers.

In the same instance, the vocal outpouring levels the playing field between genres, and ultimately the whole performance and set-up consistently reinforces this implied aura and intention of Take It Easy.

Just two minutes and thirty-five seconds in length, Take It Easy leads with humility and calm every step of the way, making it far more likable in hindsight – taking no time at all to create the vibe, connect, and leave the listener wanting more.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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