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Kloud9Trizzy Savor


Freshly released from the brand new EP I Am Trizzy, Savor kicks up a fuss with its cinematic storyline and dreamy soundscape; all united with that unmistakable vocal depth and rasp that is the Kloud9Trizzy sound.

A bold introduction, melodic and haunting, heavy and intimate all at once – showcasing a defiant sense of identity and confidence that hold true to the artist’s style.

Impressive bars, varied pace, quirky and laid-back yet clever when necessary – which works well alongside the creative nature of the music.

Featuring somewhat retro layers of melody and a fierce bass-line and beat, Savor blends rap and melody in an anthem-like manner, keeping things fresh yet simple – short lines that are quick to connect. Always that personality stands tall at the forefront – the voice, the image, the intentions and the carefree approach to modern music; unaffected by the scene, paving his own way.

Also newly released from the project is the equally anthemic and infectious Gun Case, highlighting a different writing style in terms of the subject, the depth. The track intrigues and sees Trizzy adopt a more mellow, reflective pace to represent the intensity of the topic. A relevant narrative, heart-breaking in its honesty, still gritty and recognisable as Trizzy, and effectively it bridges that gap all the more so between artist and audience.

It’s not easy to stand out these days, but there’s no denying Kloud9Trizzy has captured the art. The lyrics here and indeed the sound bites from genuine news reels captivate and provoke awareness in a crucial way. Intelligent framing of ideas, with a piano-led ambiance to underline the emotion and impact of the storyline.

The EP in full is well-worth checking out, it includes the hooky, poetic and dreamlike Taking Off, another notch of clear versatility to the Trizzy catalogue, and the mainstream-ready, rhythmically addictive Ten Toes – Remix – which essentially brings together the confidence, style and integrity of all other tracks in one smooth and impactful anthem. The varied flow adds a theatrical element that holds your attention well throughout – not unlike the legendary album work of the nineties.

Undoubtedly a name worth knowing in hip hop right now.

Check out Kloud9Trizzy on Twitter or visit his Website. Grab the music via Apple, Amazon or Tidal.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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