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klaud mad king


Diary-like lyrical vulnerability meets with a poetic metaphorical overtone and edgy pop production – songwriter and artist klaud explores the depths of isolation and loneliness, with mad king.

Vocally distinct for its free-flowing indie tendencies and the emotion and relatability of the tone and subject matter, mad king features a notably heavier soundscape underneath this – a sort of Lady Gaga dance-pop intensity, which rises and falls as per the changes from reflective verses to the energetic hook.

Just two minutes and thirty-six seconds in full, mad king feels like a fairly raw indie offering, somewhat blurring the lines between early noughties emo rock and the more higher-octane floor-fillers of alternative pop.

The meeting of the strong production and the sheer vulnerability of the lyrics gifts the song a distinct sense of identity – as does the contrast between this energetic chord pattern and the painful ache of desperation and melancholy.

It’s a unique listen, for sure, and the melody is just freestyle enough during the verses to pave the way with intrigue towards a more simple and memorable hook resolve. It will be interesting to hear how the music evolves further over the coming months and years for klaud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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