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Kirat A Better Tomorrow (Feat. Ejay Rook)


Featuring the impressive and soulful vocal talents of Ejay Rook, Kirat’s latest release is a song that effectively fuses several different genres and musical styles, to offer a deep-running sense of unity and togetherness.

A Better Tomorrow speaks on overcoming adversity, climbing upward through struggle and holding tight to optimism and positivity. Everything about the soundscape and the lyrics, the performances, pushes in favour of this underlying sentiment. The concept stands tall in every way – from the hints of various genres, to the inspiring and uplifting nature of the vocal deliveries, to the overall energy the track presents.

A Better Tomorrow has a somewhat classic feel to it, seeming like a forgotten hit from a simpler time, though with a notably contemporary, clean finish, and a slightly alternative balance between styles to help give it a definite air of originality. What begins as something of a soul-pop hit, melodic and calming, soon evolves to become much more of an anthem for getting things done, staying strong and working your way up through turmoil and difficulty. Always the vibe remains mellow but energized, calm yet collected and deeply intentional.

There’s a really creative edge to the soundscape in full – a solid, organic piano keeps a musical thread throughout, but in among this you get a choir of warming vocals, flickers of retro electronica, scratch-DJ-style effects, and a simple clap of a beat. The choir and the clap work in unison with this meandering, passionate vocal melody to give the song something of a Gospel aura. Meanwhile, additional rhythmic elements lean occasionally towards hip hop, and occasionally towards the more modern sounds of mainstream pop.

The balance between all of this works well – the intricacies are subtle, and really what you take away from the song is its inherent level of possibility and hope. It’s the perfect go-to for whenever the weight of the world gets a little overwhelming.

Download the single via iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

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