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KiNona Rose


KiNona’s Rose is an insanely good track, the sort that grabs you from the other side of the room with great rhythm, great soul, great melody, and an ongoing layer of confidence and style that just seduces and satisfies with ease.

KiNona’s fusion of genres on this release works beautifully, the vibe is that of the start of the night – the kick off to the weekend, the self-empowering boost you need to get up and get things done. As an artist, her lyricism stands as tall as her vocal abilities, and on this single – both pour through with absolute grit and swagger and soul.

The beat to this track has a hip hop feel, the instrumentation loops in a hypnotic fashion, cool and calm. On top of this, there’s a flicker of reggae to the vocal delivery and the rhythm of the melody, but it leans back forth between this and hip hop, even bringing in a dash of RnB to keep things smooth and colourful at the same time.

Everything from the writing to the performance to the production on this single lights a fire in the room as it plays out. You could hear a dozen or more tracks playing in the background and not take notice or respond until the very second this beat and this singer kicks in. KiNona has a stunning voice, softly powerful, loaded with personality, and the lyrics throughout this are refreshing and honest and soaked in a sense of strength and possibility.

Rose has the addictive qualities of an alternative hit, complex in terms of the details and the thought that has gone into it, but simple in terms of the melody and the overall vibe and sound that you take away from it. Undoubtedly a top track from the whole of 2018 so far, in my opinion. Incredibly clever, catchy, stylish, and refreshingly unique right now. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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