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Kings Of The Earth Top Of The World


Trickling into the room with a distant heavy drum and a vocal choir set to leave their melody lingering in your head long after the experience is over, Top Of The World sets itself up to be an absolute anthem for the rising stars that are Kings Of The Earth; and it continues to build upon that strength as the song goes on.

Leading with a fairly classic, nostalgic pop-rock vibe, a little U2 mixed with Coldplay and an edge of alternative grit, Top Of The World features a series of short verse lines – striking poetic references that seem simple yet profound all at once. They’re easy to take on, easy to remember, and the same goes for this musicality and melodic build up. That riff is key – the piano, the choir of voices, the guitar – the high end followed by the low – and behind it all the intensity rises and the passion multiplies to quickly immersive levels.

Finishing things off nicely is the accompanying video for the song, an again nostalgic-style clip that initially introduces viewers to the artist behind the leading voice – that voice that connects for its natural balance between weight and lightness, for its clear emotion yet accessible delivery of the concept and melody.

As things progress, the sunset tones accompanying equally nostalgic images, which prove to help set the mood all the more so. By the end, the ultimately addictive piece of music and the video make fairly certain you’ll skip back to the start at least one more time.

I got a place in Arizona, Got a place in Spain, I fill my lap with luxuries – to kill the pain…

You gotta wait in line, if you wanna be heard…

Brilliant. An easy anthem for the masses. Check out the music via iTunes. Find & follow Kings Of The Earth on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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