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Kings Cvstle Resilience


Creatively mixing things up in both sound-design and flow, London rap duo Kings Cvstle showcase further versatility and depth throughout a revealing and increasingly passionate Resilience.

Blending personal turmoil and the rising ache of lostness and longing with a blatant social commentary that’s as piercing as ever, Resilience encapsulates its title concept. The struggle is real, as is the climb, and once more Kings Cvstle make certain to keep things lyrically familiar yet fresh enough to connect on that level; and simultaneously make waves within the indie scene.

Featuring a lyrical nod back to earlier releases, these threads of integrity and journey run throughout the Kings Cvstle repertoire – layers of identity that hold close to a devout sense of authenticity and purity in the artistic realm.

Bringing the skill, purpose and process to the forefront of UK hip hop, work ethic is unquestionable, and the quality continues to impress. Always though, the band maintain an edge of devotion to the cause, to expressing genuine feelings and reflections on modern life. This comes before anything else, so there’s rarely any filler, if any, and in the case of Resilience, a somewhat humble, minimalist soundscape of easy, nostalgic guitar looping and distant bass, focus is drawn to the voice consistently. The voice is the root of the movement, and Resilience captures it incredibly well.

Emerging complete with a video filmed by Discovery Rapp thanks to Kings Cvstle taking the top prize for their free content fund, Resilience makes fine use of a stripped-back setting and the raw energy of performance and presence. All in all, the final arrangement reinforces the motivational push of the lyrics in a lasting way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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