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King Zausage & Matthew Mckenna Life Enclosed


Hong Kong’s King Zausage, now based in Birmingham, UK, has been rightfully making waves this year with his unique blend of Christian values and electronic music production. His EP 3 Steps to Cyber Heaven makes for a fine introduction to his solo work, but more recently – this collaboration with Matthew Mckenna takes creative freedom to explicitly higher realms.

Pouring through the speakers with an organic set-up that’s quickly calming and comforting, Life Enclosed emerges as an instant embrace. There’s plenty of color and detail within the mix, the rhythm is uniquely energizing yet light, and there’s also plenty of space between elements – leaving that live vibe to linger all the more intensely.

As things progress, layer after layer subtly but surely furthers the song’s ambient prowess. A touch of distorted guitar builds upon the overall expression, and brief moments of pause see the entire set up change direction in a decidedly unusual, memorable fashion.

These become clear qualities of King Zausage’s artistically experimental way with composition and sound design. Here we get a certain mood, an instrumental story that rains down in a hypnotic and uplifting manner, but there’s also a lot that impresses about the arrangement. The latter half in particular takes us down this faster paced pathway, with layers of electronic sound-play and an increasing level of vibrancy and possibility.

Brilliant, a powerful and immersive piece of music, unconfined by genre, with an addictive progression and a timeless energy that’s likely to draw listeners back time and time again.

Life Enclosed was composed by Matthew Mckenna, with additional mixing, mastering and drumbeats by King Zausage; adding the electronica element.

Elsewhere within King Zausage’s catalogue, these creative elements stand tall in consistently different ways. The various tools of production and the sounds available throughout the world are utilized every step of the way, in a manner that’s rare and often feels quite epic, and captivating to witness.

While Life Enclosed takes a significantly organic approach, the solo EP sees things venture off down the sci-fi route, more than delivering upon this promise of Cyber Heaven.

A creative producer with a genuinely original outlook and style – each of these compositions speaks volumes on behalf of individuality and refreshingly new sound design. Undoubtedly one to watch.

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