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King Size Slim Milk Drunk (2Seas Sessions)


King Size Slim’s live performances are in a league of their own entirely. Milk Drunk is a stand out clip from his recent 2Seas Session, and to say his performance captivates is a pretty drastic understatement.

From the moment you press play, the sight of that uniquely well-lived guitar and the raw energy that Slim presents with it is enough to intrigue even the most distracted of audiences. The grit and speed with which the song emerges is intense, and when the vocal delivery begins, the intensity grows stronger, as does the energy level. There’s something hypnotically manic and yet musically smooth about the whole thing, so you find yourself completely interested in it all, following the lyrics along, following the performance intently, as well as being blown away by the flawless musicianship at hand.

King Size Slim’s passion is unquestionable, a total joy to witness. On top of this, his lyrics are totally unpredictable, true to his own creatively free sense of character, and again a further element to leave you hanging on every moment to see how it all develops. The performance is unwavering, never pausing, never failing to meet that bar set so high from the get-go. As you watch him, the weight and passion of the performance reminds you consistently of the fact that this is a totally live, one-take type of offering. The energy seems to explode out of his soul in a way that you just don’t get to witness that often these days. It’s a fully immersive experience and the song itself has plenty to draw you in outside of the performance aspect.

King Size Slim is UK artist and songwriting Toby Barelli. His individuality and his incomparable approach to blues rock offers something refreshingly unusual and consistently impressive. Well worth exploring, without a doubt.

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