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King Sesame Drunk


King Sesame’s seven track EP Drunk offers audiences a laid back, easy to listen to string of vibes consistently relating to the theme of drinking and intoxication. Opening track I Got You presents a synth heavy ambiance topped off with a stylish and fairly memorable leading melody, delivered by a confident and smooth vocal performance. As the track progresses, the rap vocal comes in, with short, rhythmic lines feeding further into the easy going mood of the whole piece. It’s a structurally sound piece of music with a crisp finish, a nice way to introduce the new project.

Jack & Coke takes the energy up a few notches. The beat has an industrial and slightly experimental nature to it, almost retro sounding at times; this adds a fresh kind of vibe and draws your attention back to the music and the production of the collection, which always has a professional and satisfying finish to it. The laid back nature of the artist’s songwriting continues, the mood of the track suits the theme of having a Jack and coke pretty well. Hello Henessy follows on strongly, and in fact, the further you get into the EP, the more the whole concept of the title takes shape, and it makes a lot of sense. The music in this one is a little more manic and slightly haunting, those descending riffs in the backdrop add a different kind of vibe that works well at this point in the project.

Jose Cuervo takes the experimental soundscape a little further, offering more intensity, more of that manic energy, actually making the EP give off more and more of a drunk feeling the deeper involved you get. There’s a lot more lyricism in this one, some personal storytelling that comes as a welcome addition to the mix. Then you get the ambient and dreamlike Sipping On Patron,  a track with a slightly more classic hip-hop vibe – a mellow beat, an intimate, up close and personal, r&b inspired leading vocal line. The lyrics pour out from this one too, a one on one conversational style to the verses brings an effective new style.

Louise XIII mellows things right down to an ultimate moment of calm, though still holding on to that slightly dark mood that lingers in the instrumentation. The melody contrasts well with this though, and the switch from the slower vocal flow to the quick is a strong move. King Sesame’s style – production wise, the chords, notes, effects, lyrically, overall – follows a fairly distinct thread though clearly takes a little influence from a few different genres. There’s a passion to the consistency and it’s always important for an artist to stay true to what they love. D’usse Night is the closing track and it brings about a crisp and effective beat that works well beneath the r&b soaked vocal melody running throughout.

The Drunk EP has a specific style to it and the songs all tie in well to the concept and the mood. There’s definitely a notable bit of creativity embedded to keep things interesting. The whole Netflix and chill vibe is consistent though it’s intertwined with moments of a more intense, perhaps darker mood, and this too gives listeners something more to think about.

Download the EP via Bandcamp. Find and follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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