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King Of Cups Missing You


Classic pop-punk drums and bass set the groove, as a quickly likable, memorable and lighter guitar riff injects a recognizable thread of distinction – King Of Cups unite strength of songwriting with nostalgic pop-punk energy and passion, for Missing You.

Featuring comfortingly familiar vocals akin to the likes of Green Day or Blink 182, back in the day, King Of Cups set the bar well with their balancing of precision and pace. Missing You pours through with high-octane, stage-ready presence, but alongside this we also get refreshingly vulnerable, boldly revelatory storytelling – poetic reflections and images depicting a clear sense of heartfelt, relatable longing and regret. The balance between these two traits is what gives the song such a powerful ability to connect with its listeners.

Ultimately a broken-hearted tale of love lost, Missing You has the makings of a timeless pop-punk anthem, yet also introduces both a musically capable band and one with a lyrically original, fearlessly evocative quality. Their willingness to be raw and honest as writers is a welcomed twist in the current scene, and hopefully speaks volumes on what we can anticipate from King Of Cups in the not too distant future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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