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King Moosa 13 Summers


Leading with a refreshingly classic flow, smooth and faultlessly rhythmic as it meanders with confidence and honesty throughout an otherwise mellow, dreamy soundscape – 13 Summers unites the embrace of storytelling with ambient sound-design and passionate delivery. The inevitable climb of King Moosa continues.

Musically immersive, calming in instrumental but gritty and increasingly emotive in lyric and performance, 13 Summers is inspiring, as well as hard to swallow, honest and open.

There’s a journey at its core, King Moosa keeps things real – motivated yet genuine, detailing the ups and downs, focusing on gratitude and self-reflection in a powerful way.

All of these qualities ring loud and clear throughout the track, the second verse in particular though really brings it home – then the third holds attention beautifully as the beat falls away and the artist concludes with a more broad, fearlessly scathing closing account.

Notably focused, with strong production and a compelling vocal lead from a naturally engaging King Moosa – 13 Summers ticks a lot of boxes.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. You have grown up from my baby to be a young man love you keep up the great work ❤️😙

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