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King Keil Believe Me


Fast yet melodic bars inject an infectious level of passion and integrity into an otherwise dreamy soundscape – King Keil lays bare his story and intentions with a mighty sounding Believe Me.

Effectively in tune with the current sound of the hip hop and pop landscape, but also clearly taking influence from legends further back, and ultimately rolling with his own style of writing and delivery, Believe Me proves captivating as King Keil’s verses pour through.

Multiple flows and tunes keep things subtly engaging, and meanwhile the softness of that keys-led ambiance allows for a truly immersive, inspiring and hypnotic listen.

Featuring a heavy outpouring of detail, the track requires more than a single listen to really capture every moment. From the first play though, the hook connects for its simplicity; the memorable outcry and the satisfying resolve of this moment in the context of the whole thing.

An easy hit, a release worth knowing about if you’re a fan of modern hip hop and creative writing, with a timeless quality to the confidence and lyricism but also a notably relevant edge of emo-rap and hip hop fusion from the current scene.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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