King Femi - Young Queens - Stereo Stickman

King Femi Young Queens


A haunting soundscape accompanies a slurred vocal-line that holds close the contemporary, auto-tuned fusion of melody and rap that’s taken over hip hop in recent years. King Femi puts his own stamp on things though, with an eclectic performance that unexpectedly progresses into quickness and intensity.

The finish on this track is a little dreamy, somewhat warped and distant, which actually fits well with the slurred vocal sound and many of the more audible lyrics.

During the latter half, short lines and rhymes take the lead, rhythmically switching things up once again and opting for a quieter form of expression to drive things through to the final hook. By this point, the hook has a little more weight – there’s an off-kilter nature to the melody, but in hindsight it suits the darkness and intrigue of the whole song.

You can appreciate the poetic elements a little more when revisiting, and that chaotic, unreal sort of aura presented by the soundscape builds on the general vibe and scene that King Femi is aiming to display.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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