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King Camil Life We Live, Pt. 2 (Feat. Project Pat)


Creative production sets a haunting and evocative mood, organic piano and warped synths paving the way for the first thirty seconds of this collaborative new classic Hip Hop anthem.

Featuring the combined talents of King Camil and Project Pat, Life We Live, Pt. 2 kicks into gear with a nostalgic beat and a supreme vocal rhythm from the very first bars.

The flow continues to hold that appeal, meeting the needs of the beat with precision and style, whilst switching things up in terms of subtle melodic and performative traits during the latter half of the opening verse.

Both rappers put in a confident and passionate performance throughout the naturally catchy, inspiring and poetic Life We Live, Pt. 2. The dynamic works well to keep things interesting, the musicality expanding its depth for the second verse, new layers and a heavier sense of fullness, and all the while the story continues to speak on climbing from personal turmoil towards success and changing perspectives.

We resolve back to this central title and hook, but not excessively – both King Camil and Project Pat clearly have the skill and substance to rap for days, therefore not a moment of this release is wasted – no filler, nothing there purely for kicks, all conceptually relevant content that remains purposeful; whilst showcasing the very best of the abilities of all involved.

An energizing, motivational anthem at its core, with some fascinating lyrical progressions that really keep you coming back to tune in more closely.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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