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Kim Riemer Tree Hill


Long-time composer and guitarist Kim Riemer follows up an impressive two albums and one EP release, and a plethora of singles, with this blissfully immersive, soulful and softly powerful new instrumental Tree Hill.

Stylishly pairing a simple finger-picking rhythm and progression, with a notably more passionate, mildly distorted solo lead, and backing this up with a mighty drum-line that’s mellow yet again soulful and emotive by nature – the single progresses through its melodic journey in a fully engaging manner.

There’s a touch of eighties swagger and strength to the presentation, the beat in particular, though the playing and up-front guitar tone effectively lean towards something decidedly fresh. This Riemer way with story-telling, moving through the moments of the track with precision and freedom all at once; it speaks volumes on behalf of both skill and a natural connection to the process.

The track’s latter half features a pair of descending patterns from the solo guitar, before a sudden rise up, complete with a few raw moments that quickly reignite any wilting love for the live scene (given the times we’re in). The final moments fully explore this uninhibited realm of expression, delving further into whatever it is that Tree Hill originally meant to the musician and composer behind it.

Beautiful music, well recorded and cleverly walking the line between pristine and pure – not overly manufactured, yet not so free-flowing or disconnected from its intention that the meaning is lost; far from it. Turn this one up loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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