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Kim Kline Stand Tall


Kim Kline tackles the world-wide issue of bullying on this latest single Stand Tall. From the title alone you can tell there’s an underlying element of empowerment about the song, and that’s precisely what you find within.

Stand Tall builds up slowly throughout the verse, a simple melody lists the effects and the details in a vague, widely accessible way. Then you get the drop to the hook, and it’s a powerful moment – it fills the room with a sense of positive energy and possibility, likely uplifting those who’ve been struggling or who feel trapped or alone in their situation.

For young people in particular, this sort of song is likely to connect and offer some kind of solace or respite. The video also adds further to this sense of inclusivity and togetherness – the people featured share parts of their journey, no matter how difficult that may have been, and this brings an awareness of both how vast the problem is and how totally not alone we are when we go through struggles of this nature.

The music is beautiful, it has a welcoming warmth and an energizing brightness about it – not unlike a classic Disney piece in some ways, the hook acts as a final moment of resolve – of opportunity and optimism. More importantly, the video and the song work in unison to portray the idea that it’s totally possible, OK, and encouraged, to speak up in the face of bullying. Most people (if not all) who bully are doing so from a place of personal turmoil or insecurity. This doesn’t make it alright, far from it, but it makes you realise there’s a shared humanity in all of us, and nobody is out of reach or too disconnected to be approached.

In terms of the artist, this is more of a song for everyone – you can tell though, from the writing style, the topic, and indeed the performance throughout, that this kind of subject matter is truly important to Kim Kline, and for this reason the track connects on an even deeper level. The video is her debut and a mighty one at that.

You can escape, don’t let them take
You can choose love instead of hate

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