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Kilo House The CHiLDREN


Introducing a high-octane, dark and mysterious hit of synth-soaked, distorted and heavy energy, Kilo House’s The CHiLDREN proves an unpredictable stroll through uninhibited creativity and electronic exploration.

Throughout its sub-two-minute-thirty lifespan, the track offers plenty in the way of cinematic detail and spoken fragments as it does EDM-intensity and movement. The latter half sees things really find a groove that works and immerses, but it’s all over far too soon. Perhaps there’s a late-night rave version out there somewhere that rolls on and on – allowing its hypnotic strength to overwhelm for as long as the wide-eyed dancer can take.

From a production perspective, this release is impressively original and crisp sounding, yet it also clearly takes inspiration from some of the powerful alternative dance tracks that once lit up the underground. The balance works well, the whole thing feels new – it creates a mood fit for escapism, yet it also captivates for its detail and scene-changes; the words, the intricacies, the sudden synths and effects that take the reigns unexpectedly.

Brilliantly creative, professionally crafted yet completely unexpected. A heavy wash of alternative ambiance, with multiple unique drops that energize through and through.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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