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Kiid We Ain’t Losin’


Artist and songwriter Kiid aims high with this release, showcasing both his professionalism and skill as a producer, and his smooth flow and lyricism as a rapper and writer.

There’s an air of confidence throughout the track, its central concept being that of possibility and empowerment – it’s an anthem for the dreamers who work hard, and it represents this in every way. The beat is subtle but mighty, meaning it gives off a certain calmness – a feeling of being capable, collected – and yet it also drives in the direction of getting things done. For the listener, you get to share in that sense of winning and stepping forward into the good times that await. In the same instance, you get to feel connected to the artist – his voice and his story reach out in a personal and genuine way, so you’re offered the best of both worlds,.

In terms of the current hip hop climate, there’s always room for well crafted, thoughtful rap music. The mellow energy of this makes it quite refreshing, but that’s not in the face of a powerful hook and a sense of strength. Kiid’s flow increases in pace during the second part of the verse, the rhythm is undoubtedly reminiscent of some recent rap hits, but he keeps things moving and changing throughout.

The hook itself hits cleverly for its sudden slower pace and the rhyme scheme it presents. This is a fairly minimalist, simple moment, but that’s often all it takes. In among the dreamlike ambiance, this quickly familiar soundscape, the words and the rhythm of them, in line with Kiid’s vocal tone and style, makes for a memorable, recognisable chorus.

Whatever you’re pushing towards or working hard for right now, this is the perfect kind of track to turn to when you need to remind yourself of that essential drive and confidence to keep going.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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