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Kidd Clxoud S-E-R-E-N-A


Driving with a fine balance of influences and unlimited love for his fans, Texas-based Kidd Clxoud emerges this summer with a swirling, multi-layered RnB hit, a fresh touch of funk, and a pop-kissed hook that quickly leaves its mark.

Featuring uniquely gentle, falsetto vocals, double-layered and riding along the top of this organic, funky soundscape, S-E-R-E-N-A stands out for its unexpected blending of genres, and the increasing presence of vocals that gradually pile up and envelop listeners for a powerful chorus.

S-E-R-E-N-A is a jam, a great rhythm and classic ambiance, natural instrumentation and easy to visualize in a live setting. The vocals are particularly unusual on top of this, but the meandering verses and their softness lead well towards the short and more engaging lines of the hook. In every case, the Kidd Clxoud sound is decidedly recognizable.

Perhaps the recording style is fairly raw, vocal-wise, but the ambiance is superb – particularly the stylish fade in from the distance. You get a nostalgic club vibe from the whole thing, and Kidd Clxoud’s long-form lyricism clearly takes some influence from the likes of The Weeknd and Michael Jackson all at once.

Promising plenty more music in the pipeline, this one kicks off the catalogue with definite weight and intention.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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