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Kid Loose Fugazi Flute / Hallucinations


Kid Loose is undoubtedly one of the most experienced and well-received DJs and producers around right now. After years on the scene, creating and performing – learning from the crowds and the world of EDM across the decades – these latest releases categorically speak volumes on behalf of his dedication to and passion for dance music.

Fugazi Flute is an absolute joy of a track, and the perfect way to kick of this new introduction to Kid Loose in 2019. Offering the absolute bounce and vibrancy of tribal house music, with a brilliant selection of samples and moments that help add colour and brightness, Fugazi Flute is impossible to dislike if you’re in any way connected to or drawn in by the warmth and rhythm of classic EDM.

Kid Loose manages to balance a clear understanding of music with a sheer passion for melody and originality. This track is everything a summer hit should be, likely to appeal across generations of dance lovers, but also highly likely to prove to be as timeless as a more genre-free, Dario G-style hit. World music meets with the entrancing rhythms of house to produce something completely immersive and beautifully uplifting.

Second in line on this release is the notably more conceptual and slightly darker composition Hallucinations. Perhaps a little more well-suited to the depths of the night, those moments in which the dance-floor is built up purely of silent communication and movement, the track feeds the need to simply let a beat take-over you – while prompting a few alternative thought patterns with its flickers of vintage spoken word.

Hallucinations kicks off with this deep house vibe but progresses to actually brighten up a little later on. The synths that break up the track after the half-way point create a slightly more awakening aura, and as the build up begins again – you know where the experience is going, and that rise up to the drop is intensely satisfying as a result. Anticipation works perfectly well, and once again – Kid Loose’ level of skill and experience shine without question.

There’s a complexity to the various layers of this track, which you can notice if you hone in on certain aspects, but with that the artist has made sure the finished product is as smoothly united as possible; which undoubtedly takes ability and understanding. Impressive as ever, and exciting – hopefully the start of a new realm in contemporary dance music. Absolutely get yourselves down to a Kid Loose night when you can.

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