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Kid Fly You’re Pretty Sick Chubbs


Energetically blending the nostalgia of nineties punk-pop with that of the Happy Gilmore glory days, Queensland’s Kid Fly kick into gear with a brilliantly well-crafted new single.

You’re Pretty Sick Chubbs perfectly ignites an energy and passion for the moment, whilst also speaking openly to those uncertain, somewhat lost and frustrated parts of us that rarely get the chance to scream out. The balance is on point, and just one of the many reasons why this is a favorite single from the summer so far.

You’re Pretty Sick Chubbs is precisely what music needed right now. Great guitar work, powerful pop-punk vocals with plenty of emotion and strength alike, superb songwriting and structure, and fantastic unity between all band members.

Not only does the style and sound prompt you to turn it up loud, but the song also very quickly makes itself known as the anthem it truly is. That final line repeat – Don’t you tell me that I’m fine – lingers with you long after listening. It connects for its realness, and in its isolated setting in particular, you can’t help but fantasize about the live show as and when gigs and festivals return to our lives.

Really well done, listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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