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Kid Apollo Nocturne


Kid Apollo creates a new kind of sound with this somewhat nostalgic and contemplative new EP Nocturne.

Beginning with organic wind work, a gentle piano-lead and intimate, unaffected vocals, The Lights Turned Red showcases a clearly artistic sense of space and poetic intention, and leaves you hanging on the lyrics for their refreshingly thoughtful, creative and gentle presentation.

Slowly but surely the sound builds, brightens and ultimately explodes into life – this eighties-esque, synth-soaked dance ambiance emerges, accompanied by multiple layers of vocal, and a memorable, addictive and anthem-like melody that’s east to connect with; and all of this meanders and embraces listeners for close to seven minutes.

These qualities continue throughout the project, though the songwriting is consistently creative and unpredictable. Kid Apollo has a certain softness, even minimalism, to his style, and this means that even when the sound is full it still feels very organic and simple in terms of the arrangment and what’s needed for the story to captivate.

Behind The Mask follows and the synths hit with a dash of distortion, the rhythm creates a sense of confidence early on, and soon enough there’s a clear level of euphoria and passion to the experience. Then we get another complete shift in style and energy for the latter half – a common calling card of the EP.

Green Heart mellows things out, the musicianship as clear as ever and still retro yet organic all at once. Gentle vocals see the instrumental strip back as Kid Apollo holds attention with ease for another unique outpouring of ideas and observations.

A touch of Americana soul briefly slides into view for a blissfully calming, again piano-led and delicate, beautifully heartfelt Burial Song. A simple melody, an unexpected progression production-wise, and an unexpected song on the whole in terms of where the artist takes this subject matter and sound. An immensely uplifting latter half really sparks a sense of brightness and possibility, despite the lyrics focusing more intensely on this concept of realisation and being alone. A definite highlight for its minimal yet striking composition and reflective nature.

To inject one last hit of contrast, Sleep Tight pours through with fast rhythms and fullness as the final song of the EP. Great melodies, a strong sound that begs for you to turn up the volume, and more of this deeply human, contemplative writing – with just a few more broadly relatable references, mainly during the hook, for a wider audience reach. A great song, verses that powerfully anticipate the energy of the chorus – and a chorus that satisfies and calls out for audience participation.

While Kid Apollo undoubtedly has a style that appeals and is genuinely immersive and likeable, it’s also incredibly unpredictable – and this is true of each of these tracks; these artistic audio experiences, designed to focus on certain feelings in a wholly hypnotic, provocative fashion. An interesting and enjoyable EP, which provokes a deeper level of thinking, and an often near-meditative state of stillness.

Grab the EP Nocturne from October 23rd. Download music via Apple. Check out Kid Apollo on Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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