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Khalil Amaru I’ll Be Yours


The serene and soothing fusion of breathy vocals and smooth keys and production, allows for a sweetly seductive sound, as RnB songwriter and artist Khalil Amaru delivers the intimate and impressively catchy love song I’ll Be Yours.

Featuring a beautiful build-up from memorable verse loops of appreciation and simple piano, into a distinctly impassioned hook that rises up into an almost choir-like fullness and warmth, the very structure and set-up of I’ll Be Yours appears perfectly in tune with the rising emotion and energy of the writing and vocal performance.

Everything from the subtle changes in tone to this balancing of contemporary lo-fi flavours and bigger-ballad traits works in favour of celebrating our protagonist’s devotion to his significant other. We move creatively from simple folk-pop or RnB verses, into a bold and beautiful pop resolve – a repeating title section that aptly gifts the single an unmistakable peak.

From the heart but also from a clearly professional realm of production and recording, I’ll Be Yours feels both nostalgic and fresh – a welcomed hit of authenticity and skill united, which celebrates love and togetherness in a timeless fashion. Potentially the ‘our-song’ of 2024 for many romantics – well-worth a few streams this year.

Download or stream I’ll Be Yours. Find Khalil Amaru on Instagram, YouTube & TikTok.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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