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Khadi Lee Fall Down


Smooth vocals and a respectably creative, unusual soundscape join forces to hit with hypnotic impact for Khadi Lee’s latest single Fall Down.

In the backdrop, a windpipe-led melody offers an emotive, almost Titanic-inspired aura, conjuring up a sense of love and melancholy in one; beauty fused with uncertainty. Then in the forefront, Khadi’s expressive and soulful vocal meanders with clean-cut confidence through this long-form RnB melody. Some moments are audibly passionate, others are nearly whispered to reflect the intimacy and loyalty at the centre of the writing.

These two sections work surprisingly well together. The backdrop quickly mesmerizes, gets the body moving in unison with the music; creates a blissful sense of escapism. The vocal then throws in a touch of personality, a more specific story-line, with a uniquely characterful delivery. These qualities work beautifully together, and as a result, the track has the familiarity of a classic RnB love song, and the natural rhythm and embrace of a compelling instrumental.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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