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Kfir Outta Love


Kfir’s Outta Love is a huge song, one that takes its time to kick in but offers a powerful sense of rising anticipation and passion as it progresses. The opening moments present a certain quiet ambiance, the lyrics are where your focus is – Kfir’s leading voice is immediately quite characterful and clearly emotionally connected to the words he sings. These initial lyrics don’t paint all that clear a picture though, there’s a vagueness to the references, so you’re intrigued or disconnected for a while – until the music starts to build and, ultimately, the hook hits.

The second time this song starts to play you’re likely to recognise it, even after hearing it only once. Those strings and synths, that click, the subtle instrumental build up – the whole thing has been really well crafted. In addition, as suggested earlier, Kfir’s voice is so loaded with passion and personality. This time around you look forward to that hook – and it’s a superb moment, the melodic switch sees weight and power intervene. Where the verses have a sense of uncertainty and longing, the hook is much sharper and to the point – the music and the vocal work in unison to present this. It’s a heavy chorus, musically satisfying and the perfect resolve to the journey that takes place before it.

Again, the lyrics are still occasionally a little vague, but this lets the song be more widely accessible in hindsight. You can make it your own, you can attach your own experiences and emotions to the lines. The central concept is clear, this idea of falling out of love and the hurt that can bring. It’s a powerful single in any case, and Kfir brings a beautifully unique approach to organic pop music that’s undoubtedly welcomed right now.

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