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Ken Kansky J3tsam 9


Retro electronic production connects melody and light, ethereal rhythms with a softly spoken, poetic narrative of deeply contemplative observations on the modern world…

Extensively nostalgic at over eight minutes in full, J3tsam9 proves a worthy deep-dive for the conscious mind, presenting a range of reflections on contemporary living, political and social orders, and personal accountability.

The music meanwhile delivers a wave-like progression of rising and falling notes, quickly familiar patterns that enchant and embrace the listener. The narration above this seems to subconsciously apply its grip, evolving from gritty topics towards the warmth of love and optimism and purpose within a beautiful world.

Featuring perfectly calming vocals from narrator Lucia Jones, the story, sentiments and mood of J3tsam 9 quietly speak volumes on behalf of what’s possible within truly creative, uninhibited musical artistry and expression. The soundscape gathers apparent momentum throughout, edging towards a near-euphoric latter half, before smoothing out again for those returning intimate observations and poetic images.

Designed to bring awareness to a broader audience with regard to the rights of disabled US citizens and the illegal use of chemical restraints on the minds of individuals, J3tsam 9 is a must hear for deep thinkers and electronic music fans past and present.

It’s a pleasure to delve in, somewhat confronting yet always thought provoking, and gifting some new twist of insight with each revisit.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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