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Kemper Grant Jungle


Embellishing eclecticism with style and uninhibited creativity, Kemper Grant keeps emotion and soul at the forefront of his writing throughout the notably colourful and unique album that is Jungle.

From the smooth RnB vibes of All Day All Night, complete with its already unexpected industrial beat, proving somewhat trip-hop-like and experimental in nature, through the guitar-led gentle funk of Blind, to the softly ambient but energetic Electra, Kemper’s style proves recognisable, easy going, and always free from the confines of predictability.

Subtle riffs create immediately likable soundscapes, and meanwhile, Kemper’s voice delves into personal depth and struggle, uncertainty and longing, in an endearing, easy to connect with manner.

Seeing layers of Owl City-like melody and effects meet with a more solid pop core in many cases, and flickers of emo-rap-inspired delivery, Jungle is an easy choice for late-night escapism that’s honest yet not too heavy to handle.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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