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Keldamuzik Can’t Keep Up


Keldamuzik’s latest single leads with a classic and colourful soundscape, and a soulful RnB-style melody that showcases a certain equally classic, MJ-inspired vocal melody that quickly comforts.

Soon enough, the post-four-minute single Can’t Keep Up welcomes in a fresh hip hop verse, mellow in pace yet story-telling in an impressively relevant way. The classic touch again offers a comforting angle, the rap verse contrasting yet also uniting beautifully with the strength of the hook.

Elsewhere we get multiple layers of synths, a trap-style beat with a tripped up creative edge, and plenty of personality both performance-wise and in terms of the overall production.

The chord progression, the riffs and background samples, even many of the lyrics, all strike with a recognisable quality. The short lines and space between them makes for a refreshing alternative to much of the contemporary rap scene, ultimately giving the song far more of a pop or RnB feel than anything purely hip hop.

This blending of genres is subtle but effective, and the nostalgia of the completed releases is well-balanced with the creative freedom showcased every step fo the way. It’s a great single from Keldamuzik, well worth a listen this side of the summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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