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Keicon Friday Night Before Church


Retro electro keys and nostalgic funk rhythms elevate the warmth and melodic embrace of Keicon’s latest EP.

Devoted to good vibes and self-improvement, Friday Night Before Church features a timeless approach from the singer and artist, with Gospel-esque hooks and meandering, RnB verses, which promise personal storytelling of honest and endearing origins.

Wanna Be is all of this, feeling like a slept-on hit from cinema’s past – addictively uplifting, and naturally catchy. A great way to start the project.

Runnin follows and immediately mellows things out with vintage keys and vocals, creating further warmth but indicative of a more reflective delivery, which indeed is what follows. Keicon gets poetic and vulnerable, building up the energy of the track slowly but surely, as he delves into the hardship of his journey towards a sense of overcoming and possibility.

Afterwards, OK proves faultlessly placed – lifting the mood, injecting inescapable joy in the form of lyrical optimism and the sheer infectious nature of the groove. The song reflects on the turmoil of modern life, but resolves this with the title concept, and a hook that quickly reminds listeners to focus on the good things and the brighter tomorrows that lie ahead. A definite highlight.

Back Home rounds things off with a powerful hit of Gospel unity from multiple voices, as Keicon gets poetic again with imagery and invitation, promising a clear sense of unity, inspiration, and faith, all combined within this unique fusion of yesteryear and contemporary design qualities.

The inspiration is clear but Keicon also manages to maintain a sound of his own with each of these songs. As such, Friday Night Before Church proves a journey aptly connected to its name, and refreshing amidst the current musical landscape.

Download or stream the music here. Check out Keicon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

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