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KD Solo


Promising a breath of fresh air for both its humble, honest musicality and the equally genuine, intentional and contemplative nature of its concept – KD’s Solo is an addictive new addition to the contemporary hip hop scene. It works hard to remind us of the heart and soul that was the origin of the genre.

Riding the wave of a simple yet dreamy, immersive soundscape, Solo introduces the clean-cut and upfront vocal style of KD in a memorable way.

The tone, the faultless rhythm, the clever bars, rhymes, the intelligence of it, the refreshing manner in which idea of hardship and self-drive are re-crafted – all of this impresses, connects in a deeply human way, and engages with the listener from start to finish.

Tipping its hat to the simpler hits of decades past, musically speaking, Solo draws focus to a heartfelt subject matter and voice, by means of a subtly uplifting piece of music that naturally feels good to escape into. There’s depth to the writing, the delivery matches this with calm confidence, and the whole thing just begs for you to listen more than a few times over.

An easy addition to the playlist this week. Hopefully there’s more to come from KD.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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