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Katie Belle Carrousel


Driving with bright vocals yet a decidedly mellow, melancholic soundscape, Katie Belle’s Carrousel proves a poetic pop song with equal parts heart and catchy, addictive lines.

At four minutes twenty two seconds, Carrousel takes its time to weave its web around listeners – longer than the average pop song, but a trait perhaps indicative of an artist set on expressing a particular idea or series of emotions in the most creatively whole way.

Katie Belle showcases beautiful vocals throughout, the sort of nostalgic, nineties-pop esque vocals that meander effortlessly through various melodic sections – without ever losing the underlying feeling and soul of the song.

Featuring detailed verses, scene-setting, followed by a satisfying resolve of a hook – complete with its memorable metaphorical core – Carrousel is an easy must for pop fans far and wide. The somewhat gloomy, emotive vibe of the track is refreshing, and blends well with its infectious melody and concept in a way that’s likely to stand the test of time.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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