Katiah One - Tail Spin - Stereo Stickman

Katiah One Tail Spin


Fresh from the upcoming EP A Whole Lotta Water Works, Katiah’s Tail Spin hits with impact and refuses to let go of your attention throughout.

There’s a hypnotic quality to this fusion of rhythm and dreamlike instrumentation, but there’s also something striking and intense about the lyricism and indeed about Katiah’s own vocal performance. The accompanying video furthers this effect. The whole thing is over and done with before even reaching the minute and a half mark, but you sure as hell know you’ve heard it and are likely to remember it even in that short time.

The reason this track works so well is that it seems to present an approach to expression and creativity that’s completely uninhibited – carefree and ready to put forth whatever level of artistry the moment requires. In this case, the lyrics lead with anything and everything black – the short rhythm of the lines and the repetition of this word, alongside of a simple but rather spacious and somewhat industrial beat, makes for an entrancing experience that does indeed provoke thought, as well as keep you listening and involved until the very end.

In the way that hip hop artists such as Childish Gambino, Tyler and Joiner Lucas have pushed the boat out entirely with their intense and captivating approach to creativity, Katiah offers something similarly captivating yet unique and powerful in its own fresh way.

As a mere taster of the upcoming EP, the effort and passion – and indeed the skill – that have gone into this release, video included, suggests that A Whole Lotta Water Works is likely to be a project the modern music fan won’t want to miss out on. The sound is refreshingly interesting and I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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