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Kathy Zimmer Extremist


Strength of songwriting meets with a familiar pop-rock set-up and refreshingly original lyrics and melodic threads, as Kathy Zimmer launches the timeless and emotionally conflicted Extremist.

Hopeful by design yet scornful and uncertain lyrically, Extremist draws attention for its imagery and intrigue, yet ultimately connects for the humanity and heart that make up the revealing nature of the lyrics. The song feels both relatable and new – recognisable thoughts expressed in a fresh manner.

Built organically from the ground up, the simplicity of a guitar, bass and drums arrangement supports the humble, accessible and smooth vocals from Kathy. The long form verses and the guiding acoustic guitar bring up comparisons with the likes of indie hero Beth Orton, whilst maintaining a fair balance of genres for that honest singer-songwriter degree of contemplation and presence.

Featuring Eric Sanderson on bass and Tom Zovich on drums (both formerly members of Augustines), Extremist brings through a likable balance between the full-band sound and the more intimate folk-pop songwriter realm.

Check out Kathy Zimmer and band performing live this coming December 20th, at the Mercury Lounge, NYC. Follow them via Facebook & Instagram for updates or visit their Website. Grab the single Extremist here.

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