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Kate Bishop Soft Shock


My introduction to Kate Bishop’s music is this gorgeously unique take on the song Soft Shock, and it’s a delicately mighty place to begin. The song starts up so gently, evolving and rising in intensity gradually but also always holding close to that whispered, emotional essence that drives it in such an entrancing manner. There’s a level of wonder and intimacy to the whole thing, as if this is some secret, heartfelt performance we just happened to have stumbled upon.

From a composition perspective, the song has been really well structured so as to hold tight to your affection with every passing moment. Those spacious, subtle verses pave the way for those more passionate hook moments in a manner that leaves you hanging on every note. At the same time, the musicality – the soundscape – successfully reinforces these changing moments – this changing energy. The song seems to step out more clearly into the light with every few bars of music. And there are only a few real building blocks here – you’re not swept away by some EDM drop of the sudden onslaught of distortion. Far from it, though the moment does feel just as energizing.

What the song does, simply yet effectively, is present the central melody and idea in a manner that utilises only a few elements – the likes of which have been thoughtfully incorporated. Kate’s chorus of vocals is part of this, the acoustic sound is another, the subtle, distant dashes of a riff, the switch from the verse to the hook, and back again – there’s not a whole lot going on, but the details are brilliantly delivered, so it feels like a rather epic progression. The song surrounds you more and more intensely at it moves along, as it fills up the room.

A beautiful, alternative version, and a great reason to give that follow button a quick hit for whatever Kate Bishop may be set to release next.  Find & follow her on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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