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Kate Bishop Nevermind


Kate Bishop’s cover of Nevermind offers an instrumentally rich and rhythmic piece of music and performance that introduces yet another side to the eclectic artist’s repertoire.

Bishop brings a level of melody to this song that reinvents it in a subtle but certain way. The original vibe lives on, this hypnotic, calming yet fast paced delivery, but there’s a definite air of melodic movement that places this version a little closer to the ear-worm qualities of pop than the perhaps more spoken-word like, underground original. The lightness of her voice most likely adds to this impression. The changes throughout are modest but effective – the recording is longer, the instrumentation seems a tad more clear cut and organic. She’s made something fresh with it, she’s made it her own without steering too far away from the essence of the original.

If you’ve heard Kate Bishop’s other recordings to date – they’re coming through often and fast – you’ll recognise her voice and her style of delivery pretty quickly on this release. With the pace and the full wall of audio though, even the rhythm, things feel notably different at the same time. In either case, it fits perfectly well – the increasing energy towards the latter half of the song has an intense sense of awakening about it, lifting you up as it grows. There’s a heaviness involved that’s addictive to listen to – the drop is again subtle but brilliant – making this an easy single to revisit time and time again.

This is clearly just the beginning for Kate Bishop but the quality is already incredibly impressive, her song choices and her writing all make for the perfect kind of alternative pop escapism that we so often turn to in times of need. Nevermind pours just a few seemingly simple elements into a deep cavern of creativity, and the result is this quickly uplifting, energetic song, and yet another unexpected hit.

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