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Kartier Bands Off Gate


Kartier Bands seem to get the chemistry just right with this one. On the surface we get a contemporary rap track with a multi-layered ambience that helps blend the rhythmic, anthem-like qualities with a more mainstream, melodic aura. When you really fall into the experience though, there’s far more about this that impresses.

From the offset, the soundscape seems perfectly in tune with the vibe implied by the artwork. Off Gate kicks into gear with a subtle, dreamlike riff that bubbles through almost like a retro gaming tune. Then we get these vocal fragments, classic hip hop references to confidence, competition, getting high. Then comes that heavy bass-line, creating a brilliant contrast with the lighter side of the ambiance. Throw in a few melodic vocal yeah yeahs and we really start to get into the creatively refreshing aspect of the Kartier Bands sound and style.

Leading with short bars but delivered with quickness and high energy, the track ticks a lot of contemporary boxes whilst also paving its own way musically – and reminding you that a live performance is where things would really come alive.

A quirky concept made relatable and memorable, plenty of energy and bounce, a striking bit of artwork. Off Gate does everything it needs to do, and it does so in a stylish, surprinsgly quiet, non-intrusive manner.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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