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Kamryn Marie Under Control


Driving with a powerful energy and presence that manages to shine brightly even through purely an audio recording, Kamryn Marie juxtaposes heavy, retro beats with a uniquely delicate, almost whispered leading vocal, and skillfully demands attention with her fine use of progressive melodies and poetic intention.

Under Control proves to be an increasingly impressive EP. Beginning with the absolute anthem that is Somebody with a Broken Heart, Marie fuses the big synth sounds of the eighties, with a contemporary RnB verse, and a mighty drop to a hook that ultimately uplifts and energizes in an inescapable way.

As an opening song, this one kicks things off perfectly. You don’t expect the chorus to engage in the way that it does – the verses work well on their own, but this moment categorically sees things reach even higher. And this kind of impressive, audience-aware songwriting continues throughout the project.

Kamryn Marie has mastered the art of being an artist, utilizing her strengths to capture affection and entertain; as well as to offer provocative and relevant thought patterns that connect for their outright honesty.

A refreshing listen; a brilliant collection of original songs.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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