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Kal M 30


Artist and songwriter Kal M balances a classic pop core with a fresh voice and a definite sense of personality with his latest single and video.

Considering the song’s concept, the set-up and style here actually work with brilliant relevance. While there’s something notably familiar and even vintage about the style, the beat and the retro synths featured throughout, Kal M makes sure to throw in more than a few layers of contemporary design, including the story itself and the title concept; thus allowing the track to appeal to a much broader audience.

The whole thing is a celebration, partly recognisable in reference, partly new enough to appeal to a fairly specific audience. As it progresses, the rhythm and dashes of funk help create a notable vibe and mood, and you become increasingly acclimatized to Kal M’s vocal style and desire to simply make music that’s fun. Thus, the song becomes more enjoyable, more reliable and easy to turn to whenever things get a little too heavy.

In addition, the hook slowly but surely leaves its mark, proving to be an addictive, catchy moment that’s far less intrusive than the average pop hit.

It’s an age not often celebrated in pop culture, but for those who have passed or are close to passing the big 30, Kal M has you covered. A calming, colourful look at life, and a positive reminder of both creative freedom and the importance of having fun, not taking things too seriously.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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