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Kain Official Loyalty Over Love


LA’s Kain Official brings the soulful Gospel vibes, big-band energy and sharp bars, with his devotedly conscious, heartfelt new EP Loyalty Over Love.

Deeply personal from the outset and musically classic in its organic layers and heavy bass-line combined, Loyalty Over Love quickly showcases Kain Official as a rapper true to the roots of Hip Hop.

The mix is humble, the performance too, so it’s primarily the musical mood and the poetic depth and intelligent framing of the writing that connects, and that’s a refreshing combination right now.

From the instant impact of Clarity, through the softer RnB presence of a storytelling Transgression, and onward into the closing piano-led atmospheric calm of 3am, that humility of style and conceptual weight united stand tall without fault.

There’s a mild yet unmistakable quality to Kain Official’s music, and Loyalty Over Love highlights that consistently, and introduces a rapper and artist clearly at one with the themes and intentions of his work.

Download or stream Loyalty Over Love. Find Kain Official on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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