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Kaiku Anybody Else


Helsinki’s Kaiku combines intricate sound design and conceptual songwriting on this latest, ambient and entrancing new track Anybody Else. 

There’s something immediately alluring about that vocal melody, the simplicity of the soundscape draws your focus to consistency and that repeating line – as well as to the descending, bass-heavy chords in behind it. Rarely can so few elements create such a hypnotic and enjoyable vibe, but in this case Kaiku has really struck a chord – the best one for the job.

Anybody Else captivates from the offset in an alternative pop manner, the likes of The Weeknd come to mind regarding recent releases, and then some of the more trip-hop soaked artists from a decade or two ago. As the song progresses though, things grow to be all the more immersive and compelling. The various layers of the track emerge as this wave of creativity, somehow fusing warmth and darkness – leaving you intrigued and feeling quite reflective among this array of well-connected moments.

The track does feel a little more complex as it pours through, but these finer fragments are so effectively united that they simply exemplify or magnify that original experience. The song has a defiantly addictive quality – the chemistry is on point, so the next step is to purely and professionally craft the ambiance around those central ideas; which is precisely what Kaiku has done.

The quality and indeed the emotion work as a unit to present and continuously strengthen the song’s appeal. You can lose yourself very quickly in the rhythm and embrace of these synths and this subtle yet mesmerising progression of vocals. Hints of passion are also thrown in to really light up the outer edges. The details are everything, and this release seems to have everything just right. I look forward to hearing what else emerges from Kaiku in the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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