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Kache taking you with me (Prod. BornHero) (im sorry)


taking you with me is a uniquely ambient and simultaneously gritty new track that brings together elements of classic trip-hop with those of a more modern, RnB-Hip Hop fusion vibe. There’s a partly organic feel to the leading riff, and something notably human and emotional about the leading vocal delivery and the lyrics, but the effects, the beat, and the overall set-up and structure of the piece meander off on their own creatively free pathway; giving the single a fresh and uninhibited aura.

Spanning less than a minute and a half, the track is over and done with all too quickly, but there’s always a far greater benefit to this than to let something linger on for longer than necessary. The song leaves you wanting a little more from the sheer emotion and mood of the experience.

It’s an easy to get in to piece of music, those chords and those notes create the intended, hypnotic effect of classic trip-hop, and alongside of this the lyrics and melody pour through as if they’re part of a single stream of consciousness. There’s no such verse-chorus-verse-chorus back and forth, there’s merely the outlining of ideas, leading up to the final repetition and fade-out of that central concept; I’m taking you with me. 

The song has the modern day feel of artists such as the late Lil Peep, fusing melody and spoken word, soaking the human voice in effects in an almost shy or hiding away kind of manner. Despite this though, you can hear the passion and intensity in the leading voice, so in a way the effects merely add to the chaos and weight of the concept. The mood of the music furthers this quite strongly. It takes no time at all for the song to leave its mark, and the second and third times you listen you get more entranced by it all. An easy addition to the ambient escapism playlist.

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