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K Tuck Larry Bird, Pt. 2


For the classic hip hop fan there’s something immediately likable about this release from K Tuck. The music and the vocal style, rhythmically mellow yet still somehow heavy and captivating – both of these set a fairly vintage mood that reminds you of the dawn of the genre. At the same time though, the sound is so crisp – clean and fresh, new sounding in terms of the character presented and the hook, the story-line; this is clearly the work of a contemporary artist with both skill and passion to present.

Once you get into the sound and vibe, which is easy and a total pleasure to do, then you start to really pay attention to the lyrics and the underlying concept. The way the track loops out and around you has a calming quality – there’s something lightly energizing and quite hypnotic about this groove and this lyrical flow. Dig a little deeper though and that’s when you start to form a clearer understanding of the whole experience. There’s plenty being said that’s of interest, that seems original and loaded with individuality.

K Tuck fascinates more and more so with each new listen, and this track is a must for the long term playlist. Hip hop is huge right now and things are getting more creative and more competitive – the bar needs to be high, and this kind of release works greatly in favour of that.

There are some brilliantly recognisable qualities to this soundscape that settle in for the long term once you’ve heard the track even just a single time. Lyrically too, K Tuck offers equal parts poetic intelligence and personal reflection. You get truth and confidence intertwined, alongside of creative freedom, confidence, and a clear connection to the art form. The hook is great, simple but effective and with another fitting bounce about it. Easily worth a listen and I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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