Fast Paced & Freakish rattles along and has a real confidence and swagger in its delivery, and it really delivers. In Erin’s vocal we get a convincing, accomplish, tuneful and connected performance that lies at the heart of the song, also utilising multiple layered vocals in the chorus to hammer the points home.

Indie RockRock

Charles Ryan Davis steps back up to the stage with his uniquely expressive leading voice, and a series of structurally complex, theatrical compositions, that completely embrace listeners; allowing for a fully entrancing hit of escapism throughout a short but satisfying playlist.

Alt PopElectro PopPopSongwriter

K Tuck fascinates more and more so with each new listen, and this track is a must for the long term playlist. Hip hop is huge right now and things are getting more creative and more competitive – the bar needs to be high, and this kind of release works greatly in favour of that.