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K.O. Allante I.S.2.G (Feat. Turo)


K.O Allante’s latest release has the laid back good vibes to start any week off in the right way. The music is easy going, light in nature – the riffs, the beat, the varying moments of audio that come into play – all creatively crafted. The lyrics, on the other hand, deal with the realness of life; the words are honest and expressive of a certain truth, which holds a lot of value. All of this, and the fact the the whole thing has been produced to a notably unique level, gives the track a sound of its own for certain.

The track in its entirety seems to be soaked in a dreamlike layer of reverb, which in a way furthers the effect of the easy going vibe – there’s nothing jarring or loud about the music. Furthermore, the vocal performances featured throughout are flawless – always stylish and creative in their delivery of melody and lyricism. The structure of the track draws focus to the alternating voices in a really effective way. The leading riff is fairly minimalist, but it works – it immediately wins your attention and affection, and it also becomes familiar and comforting in an instant.

The leading vocal melody being so drenched in reverb makes the lyrics something of a distant flicker of poetry and emotion – it’s actually an intriguing effect, you can pick up the lyrics, the energy ties in well with classic r&b and hip-hop, though there’s a definite sense of personality to the words throughout, and this gives audiences something to really relate to.

The rap vocal that comes in later on adds a new sense of character, a deeper tone, a little more attitude and alternate passion in the delivery – the vocal flow here is superb, the performance is fresh and fits in perfectly with the somewhat experimental, stop-start nature of the beat. All performances throughout are in fact on point, carrying the essence of the track confidently and fitting in well with the general ambiance. The overall effect is that the track is quite hypnotic, addictive even – hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

Download I.S.2.G via iTunes or Google Play. You can also check it out on Spotify. Find and follow K.O. Allante on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram. The track was produced by Audio Geekin.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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