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K.I.R.B White


Creative as ever, K.I.R.B takes things down a funk-pop pathway with this catchy new hip hop fusion track White.

Retro rhythms keep things moving throughout a colourful, synth-kissed soundscape, as that accessible and revealing vocal delves into the heartache and uncertainty of intimacy and longing.

Storytelling of melancholic undertones, poetically combining painful memories and images throughout, White contrasts its own turmoil with the sheer joyful embrace of its musicality – and indeed with the strangely uplifting and tuneful resolve of the hook.

“I’m like a house of cards, when you look at me I break apart…”

Brilliantly in keeping with the creative direction of the current scene, welcoming elements of classic and contemporary rap alongside a freely expressive, partly organic and partly electronic soundtrack, White maintains a reflective edge of self-destruction throughout multiple accusations. This approach is refreshingly genuine, the blame shifts from the other to the self, resulting in this final admittance of error and the again infectious refrain of ‘I’m crawling back to you’.

Lyrically interesting, holding nothing back, it’s actually the simple good vibes and clarity of voice that elevate White for the most part. You fall into the energy of the song, that rhythm and pace, that warmth, and later on you realise the ache and struggle at its core.

Really nicely done, a shift in gears for K.I.R.B but still as close to that natural identity and integrity as could be.

Check out K.I.R.B here or via Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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